Welcome to Luna’s new blog


Today we’re introducing our new blog.

So why should you care?

Although we’re starting simply, our ultimate objective is to develop a blog that is a compelling resource of information for you; presenting interesting applications, case studies, and industry insights that we hope will be of value to you.

Our plan is to address the topics about which you want to hear; to provide a glimpse into the experience, talents, and capabilities of our team; to talk about “real life” stories related to the applications of our technology; and to provide insights into our industry knowledge.

 Who will be blogging?

Contributors will come from throughout the organization and represent a breadth of educational background and experience (physics, optics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, materials science, chemistry, biomedical engineering, macromolecular science, etc.)….let’s just say, they’re really smart. Anyway, each of our bloggers will be writing about topics that are important to them, and that they believe will be compelling for you. We hope that you’ll find their blogs to be interesting and valuable.

 What can you expect?

You’ll hear about a variety of topics. After all, we cover a pretty diverse spectrum of fields; healthcare, telecommunications, aerospace, automotive, composites, energy, and defense. From technology innovation and development all the way through to commercialization, we’ll write about what’s most important to you…and some stuff you don’t even know you care about!

Broad topics of conversation will include:

  • Fiber optic testing
  • Strain and temperature sensing
  • Fiber optic shape sensing
  • Technology incubation (sensing and instrumentation, health sciences, advanced materials, and more)

Let us know what you think

We intend for this format to make our top content experts more accessible to you. The bottom line is that we hope and expect that over time we will be able to reinforce our tagline that we are continually “Defying Impossible”.


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