Opto_LEDAdvanced Photonix high-quality LED’s and LED-based illumination systems are perfect for many applications.  Output, reliability, and wavelength optimization are core elements of our LED illumination technology.

From UV to IR, we have the ability to provide highly-efficient illumination for medical, industrial, defense and other applications.  Utilizing our unique systems design capabilities, Advanced Photonix can also provide completely tunable light sources that can replicate virtually any part of theUV-IR spectrum.



Applications include:

    • Test & Measurement
    • Color measurement & calibration
    • Photography
    • Materials research
    • Spectroscopy
    • Biomedical Imaging
    • Optical Sensor testing
    • Commercial / Ambient lighting
    • Currency validation

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NEW Download Laser Diode – 905nm Pulsed Laser Diode Datasheet
NEW Download Laser Diode – Single Mode Pulsed Instrument – SCW Series Datasheet
NEW Download PINFET – Optical Receiver Modules – LDPW Series Datasheet


Part Number Wavelength Special Features RoHS Buy Now Datasheet
PDI-E813 880nm Yes Buy Now
APW-MW2-1210 660-940nm Yes Buy Now
APW-MW2-1210-501 660nm High Power Yes