CDSAdvanced Photonix  Cadmium Sulfide (CdS) photocell technology (also known as photoconductive cell, light dependent resistor, photoresistor or photoconductor) is used in various applications for detection and characterization of flame, in oil and gas burners, optocouplers for electrical isolation and audio applications, as well as general lighting detection for street lighting, cell phones, and many other applications.

By using a “tuned” photocell, a flame detection system can see whether or not there is a flame present to allow interruption of fuel in “flameout” events.  Advanced Photonix has its photocell subsystems installed in some of the most prevalent burner-control systems in the industry.

In general lighting detection, our photocells conserve energy and extend battery life by allowing light levels to be adjusted to match ambient lighting conditions in such applications as street & home lighting control and cell phone and computer back illumination.

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Cadmium Sulfide Photocells

Ceramic Package

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Part Number RL min RL max RL typical Package Buy Now Datasheet
NSL-4132 0.5 ceramic Buy Now
NSL-4142 0.25 ceramic
NSL-4172 1.7 ceramic
NSL-4182 0.9 ceramic
NSL-5112 0.7 ceramic Buy Now
NSL-5122 1.5 ceramic
NSL-5152 0.4 ceramic
NSL-5162 3 ceramic
NSL-4512 1 ceramic
NSL-4522 0.4 ceramic
NSL-5512 0.3 ceramic
NSL-5522 0.7 ceramic
NSL-5542 1 ceramic
NSL-5572 2 ceramic
NSL-5922 0.3 ceramic
NSL-5532 110 220 165 ceramic Buy Now
NSL-6112 2 ceramic Buy Now
NSL-19M51 20 100 ceramic Buy Now

Plastic Casing

Part Number RL min RL max RL typical Package Buy Now Datasheet
NORPS-12 5.4 12.6 Buy Now