Come see our multilayer online demonstration at Thin Wall Packaging

One of the valuable uses of pulsed terahertz technology is the measurement of multiple layers with a single sensor.  By measuring the time delay between the reflections from each layer, and knowing the speed of light, we can accurately determine the thickness of each layer.

For multilayer products where the barrier is EVOH, it is critical that the layer be as thin as possible without going below the minimum thickness for the application.


The T-Ray® 5000 T-Gauge® can measure all layers to micron precision, and can measure a buried layer to less than 25 microns.

This application is particularly useful in blow-molded products (bottles, cups, preforms, etc.).  The blow molding industry is large, and technologies that can measure buried layers, even on opaque products, have not existed until now.

With the high acquisition speed of the T-Ray 5000, this capability can be deployed online, measuring the cups or bottles as they pass. 

TeraMetrix™ will be at Thin Wall Packaging 2018 at the Westin Chicago North Shore on 20 and 21 March.

We will be showing a live demonstration of online multilayer thickness measurement integrated with the IMD BTIR OEM online barrier imaging system, from IMDvista, and a daylight camera to provide unparalleled information about the internal barrier layer.


We are pleased to be recognized by IMDvista, a leader in online process control for the blow molding industry.  The integration of our product provides quantitative evaluation of the images provided by the BTIR OEM camera. 

Don’t miss out on this exciting new technology, come and see us in Chicago.