Luna Innovations Introduces New Sensing Platform, the ODiSI Series, Enabling High Resolution Strain or Temperature Measurements

ROANOKE, Va., Aug 03, 2011 — Luna Innovations Incorporated (NASDAQ: LUNA), today announced the launch of the ODiSI (Optical Distributed Sensor Interrogator) instrument, the new sensing platform which will be marketed and sold under the company’s test and measurement equipment brand name Luna Technologies.

The new sensing product provides fully distributed strain or temperature measurements, delivering an unprecedented amount of data by using optical fiber as a continuous sensor. Luna’s revolutionary technology provides greater insight into the performance, tolerances, and failure mechanisms of structures and vehicles. The ODiSI product provides advantages to industries where high density strain or temperature measurements are required for structural or mechanical testing such as aerospace, automotive, energy, and other composites industries. Applications include design and model verification, design improvement, structural health monitoring, and performance optimization.

Fiber optic sensor technology is being utilized more widely as demands for lighter, stronger, and safer structures continue to increase. Harnessing the most advanced fiber optic sensing technology, the ODiSI instrument provides a sensing solution that is rich in data content, lightweight, robust, easy to install, and does not require expensive Fiber Bragg grating fiber. Luna’s solution gathers strain or temperature data along the entire surface under test and allows users the ability to redefine sensing points in post processing; these features are not available with traditional static point sensors.

“We are very excited about the announcement of our new sensing product,” said Luna’s CEO, My Chung. “We believe the ODiSI will raise the bar for test and measurement standards across multiple industries and enable our customers to optimize mechanical designs, decrease maintenance, and deliver next generation products.”

Highlights of the ODiSI instrument include:

  • Easily deployed, inexpensive, disposable sensors
  • 1000s of sensing points in a single fiber sensor with a single instrument
  • Fiber is lightweight, requires no extra wiring, and is immune to EMI/RF interference
  • Simultaneous strain and temperature measurement with a single fiber sensor
  • Re-process sensor data at a later time with more/different sensing points

Additional information about the Optical Distributed Sensor Interrogator product is available on Luna Technologies’ web site at

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