Luna’s Applied R&D brings a broad diversity of technology and multi-disciplinary talent to the product development process. We evaluate and address problems from numerous perspectives and are not limited to one or two basic technologies. Because of our diverse R&D organization, and the experience we have gained building it, we can first determine the ideal solution to a particular challenge and then create the team to deliver it.

Our approach to product commercialization is similarly flexible. We seek individualized transition strategies for each product that will satisfy the customer and create the most value for our stakeholders. Typical strategies include

  • conversion of unique R&D into successful and mature multi-million dollar product lines that are manufactured, marketed and sold under the LUNA brand,
  • entry into supply agreements with leading original equipment manufacturers,
  • licensing of intellectual property and know-how to a partner that can rapidly bring the technology to multiple markets, and
  • sale of technology to partners that are well-positioned in a specific target market.

Developmental Products

Luna’s Applied R&D will often make first generation products available for purchase by early adopters while the best transition strategy can be determined and executed. These products remain under the Luna Applied R&D umbrella. Current examples include: