TeraMetrix™ multilayer thickness measurement featured at NPE®

While our last post was about our participation in a very focused event concentrating on thin wall packaging, we are now announcing that we will be participating in one of the major plastic industry events.

NPE® is a “must-attend” event for a wide array of people from across the plastics supply chain and the end user market.  Held every other year in Orlando, NPE is produced by the Plastics Industry Association, and draws an average attendance of 65,000, and over 2,000 exhibiting companies.


While we do not have a booth of our own, TeraMetrix (a division of Luna) is proud to announce that their multilayer thickness measurement solution will be presented and/or demonstrated in a number of exhibit booths.  Whether it is a demonstration of online barrier layer measurement at IMDvista (booth S11057), or presentation of an integrated web process control solution at Thermo Fisher Scientific (booth S28161) or Indev-ACT (booth S15131), or measurement of extruded pipe thickness at iNOEX (booth W3191), TeraMetrix T-Gauge® sensors are being used to improve product quality and reduce waste.

The T-Gauge sensor is optimized for the production environment, with a robust, lightweight sensor head suitable for scanning.  The gauge carries UL, CE and FCC certifications, and a Class I Division 1 certified sensor is available for explosive environments.  Its high-speed measurement rate (up to 1000 Hz) and high precision provide unsurpassed performance in online applications.


While a demonstration of our T-Gauge capability is always impressive, it is more important to provide a complete solution that can be easily integrated into a manufacturing process.  In conjunction with our partners, we are able to supply just such a solution.

Margaret Murdock (General Manager), as well as John Riccardi (Global Sales), Steve Williamson (Director of Engineering) and Irl Duling (Business Development) will be available during the show to support our integrators, and to develop relationships with new customers. 

John Riccardi comments on NPE, “Eight years ago TeraMetrix introduced the first industrial terahertz platform for real time plant floor deployment.  Since then our channel partners have deployed dozens of T-Gauge systems covering a wide range of plastics applications.   Now TeraMetrix offers disruptive solutions that perform multi-layer measurements previously resolved only with complex arrays of nucleonic or other more costly inefficient technology.” 

We invite you to visit our partners at NPE or contact us directly at terahertzsales@lunainc.com.