TeraMetrixâ„¢ Displays New Products for the Non-Destructive Testing Market at ECNDT

The TeraMetrix division of Luna will be announcing two new products for the non-destructive testing (NDT) market at ECNDT in Gothenburg, Sweden (http://www.ecndt2018.com).  The products will be displayed in the booth of Baugh and Weedon NDE, http://www.bw-nde.com (Booth #:  C04:01).

Both the pulsed terahertz SPG (Single Point Gauge) and the LSG (Line Scan Gauge) will be available for demonstration.  These handheld terahertz sensors are easy to use, and can make multiple measurements.

The SPG is a tool for analyzing the waveform return (A-scan) from an object, and displaying on the handheld screen a variety of measurements, including multi-layer thickness, delamination, water ingress and more.  The SPG is connected to the T-Ray 5000 TCU (Terahertz Control Unit).

The LSG uses the same control unit, but provides a cross-sectional image of the sample under test (B-scan).  The LSG provides a real time image useful for identifying defects, or sub-surface structure of an object.

The SPG and the LSG were both originally developed for use in manufacture and testing of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.  For more information contact terahertzsales@lunainc.com.