Asia Pacific, India Europe, Middle East, Russia North and South America UK, Middle East, Africa

Direct Sales:  Asia Pacific, India

GTL Luna
Phone: +18613501277739
Contact Name: Gene Zhang

Direct Sales:  China, Taiwan, Hong Kong

GTL Luna
Phone: +18613822266335
Contact Name: Ling Li

Distributor: Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam

Precision Technologies
Phone: +6562734573
Contact Name: Rick Tan

Distributor: Japan

High-Tech Corporation
Phone: +81332297351
Contact Name: Koji Morimoto

Distributor: Korea

Phone: +825027029999
Contact Name: JS Kim

Distributor: Australia, New Zealand

AusOptic International Pty Ltd
Phone: +61294242111
Contact Name: Kevin Ledley

Direct Europe and Russian Republic Sales

Phone: +44 (0)131 666 9044
Contact Name: Ian Shannan, Director of European, Middle East and Africa Sales

Distributor: Germany, Austria, Switzerland and The Netherlands

Phone: +49 (0) 7243 604440
Contact Name: Dirk Samiec

Distributor: Poland

Phone: +48 228408170
Contact Name: Henryk Korycinski

Distributor: France, Belgium, Luxembourg

DIMIONE Systems France
Phone: +33 169 44 9149
Contact Name: Maurizio Chiani

Distributor: Italy

DIMIONE Systems Italia
Phone: +39 338 275 3773
Contact Name: Maurizio Chiani

Distributor: Spain

Setup Electronica
Phone: +34 93 4140372
Contact Name: Jose Luis Peiro

Distributor:  Czech Republic

Phone: +420.604.212.525
Contact Name: Michal Mazanec 

Distributor:  Russia

Phone: +7 911 020-44-87
Contact Name: Kirill Jalovski

Direct U.S., Canada, Central and South America Sales

Phone: +1 678.788.4556
Contact Name: Ed Valigursky, Director of Sales, North America Sensing


Direct United Kingdom/Republic of Ireland, Scandinavia, Middle East, Africa Sales

Phone: +44 (0)131 666 9044 
Contact Name: Ian Shannan, Director of European, Middle East and Africa Sales

Distributor: Israel

El-Gev Electronics
Phone: +972 74-7190060
Contact Name: Larry Hagler