Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation Conference (QNDE)

Luna will be presenting at the upcoming Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation Conference (QNDE, https://www.qndeprograms.org).  Begun in 1973, QNDE is the premier international NDE meeting designed to provide an interface between research and early engineering through the presentation of current ideas and results focused on facilitating a rapid transfer to engineering development.  Come join us in Provo, Utah at the Utah Valley Convention Center July 16-21 to learn about our ongoing work in nondestructive evaluation techniques.

This year at QNDE, researcher Matthew Webster will be presenting on Luna’s Nonlinear Pulse-Echo technique for Early Fatigue Detection in Inconel 718.  His talk will be held in Cascade D on Thursday July 20 at 4:50 pm.  Here’s a quick summary of Matthew’s presentation:

Identification of material damage in turbine engine components is essential for safe operation in extremely harsh service environments.  Current inspection protocols focus on identifying cracks during the last 20% of a component’s service life such that frequent inspections are required to ensure damage is detected prior to component failure.  In contrast, nonlinear ultrasonics techniques such as harmonic generation are capable of identifying precursors to cracking (e.g., lattice dislocations) during the first 10-20% of a components life.  However nonlinear ultrasonic measurements typically require large, specialized instrumentation and are limited to laboratory environments.  The goal of this program is to reduce the size and complexity of operating nonlinear ultrasonic systems in order to put these advanced non-destructive evaluation capabilities into the hands of field/depot inspectors. 

We look forward to seeing you there!