New Measurement System is Multichannel and Real-Time

We recently introduced the newest generation of our distributed strain and temperature measurement platform which is more compact, expands to multiple input channels, and delivers reliable and robust real-time data. Customers are realizing that the ODiSI 6100 delivers a new level of functionality needed to tackle an even wider range of data acquisition applications in the lab, on the production floor, or in the field.

Multichannel Input

Even though the ODiSI is more compact than its predecessor, you can now connect up to eight fiber optic sensors to a single ODiSI 6100, each sensor capable of concurrently acquiring thousands of discrete strain or temperature measurements. This allows you to easily scale your test and monitoring systems to larger and even more complex applications. The ODiSI 6100 is available configured for 1, 4, and 8 input channels.


Real-Time Data and Higher Performance

The ODiSI 6100 delivers even higher measurement rates, and data is available in real-time. This allows the ultra-high resolution strain and temperature data to be available immediately for visualization, alarming, or control applications. 

Robust and Easier to Setup and Use

We’ve designed the ODiSI 6100 to streamline the configuration and setup of measurements, and to consistently deliver reliable data that you can rely on. For example, with every single measurement scan, the ODiSI 6100 automatically performs a self-calibration and internal optical alignment, ensuring the highest level of data integrity and accuracy.

These are but a few of the enhancements that make the ODiSI 6100 an more indispensable tool for a growing range of test, measurement, control, and monitoring applications.

Click here for more details about the ODiSI 6100 and download the data sheet.

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