Luna’s TeraMetrix division is featured in the Nov/Dec issue of Plastics Engineering

The pulsed terahertz systems made by our TeraMetrix division (formerly Picometrix) have been deployed into more than 30 industrial plants manufacturing plastic products.  Terahertz gauges can make multiple measurements simultaneously and provide higher precision than other methods.  Most often, the terahertz gauge is used to measure the thickness of each layer of a multilayer product, but it can also detect the delamination between those layers.

terahertz_t-gauge_lunaThis means that a terahertz gauge can replace multiple measurement systems on a manufacturing line.

As this is a relatively new technology to the manufacturers of plastic parts, it was chosen to be the cover article in the Nov/Dec issue of Plastics Engineering, one of the trade publications of the Society of Plastics Engineers.

While the article gives a general description of the types of terahertz systems and interviews a number of gauging system providers, the T-Gauge sensors of TeraMetrix are the only currently deployed pulsed terahertz sensors in the world today.

With over 50 pulsed terahertz systems deployed in manufacturing, it is clear that T-Gauge sensors are a game changing addition to the technology of online measurement.