Introducing our new Resource Library

  What is it? It’s a library of resources to provide access to the tremendous amount of content that we have developed over the years. It includes product-specific literature, application-based technical resources, and media presentations of our unique technologies. Resource_library_blogimage3 Why should you care?

  • It makes available to you all of the resources that we have developed
  • It presents the content intuitively and effectively; categorized by product type, by application and by document type
  • It’s organized and accessible through a searchable database

And it will be continually building We’re developing new content every day, whether it be a Tech Note to address new application opportunities for our revolutionary technology, or possibly a product User Guide to spell out the step-by-step details of how to optimize each new product, or a video demonstrating the incredible capabilities of one of our breakthrough products. We are committed to continuing to build the content within the library to be a comprehensive, one-stop resource for insights (particularly within fiber optic technology). Let us know what you think We intend for this repository to make our content available and easily accessible to you. The bottom line is that we hope and expect that over time we will become a trusted source of information for you and therefore you’ll look to Luna first.

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