Introducing the ODiSI-B 5.0


Today we introduced major enhancements to our ODiSI platform that provide valuable new capabilities to better measure strain and temperature. To keep pace with tomorrow, you need advanced technology in order to test advanced technology.

Are you ready?

Advanced materials are creating new challenges in the lab as well as on the production floor. While testing metals is easy, the anisotropic characteristics of composite materials pose new measurement challenges. Additionally, traditional test methods are inadequate for the new fastening processes utilized in composite structures. Furthermore, Finite Element Modeling programs don’t have the accuracy to predict the strain of complex structures made with advanced materials.

So, to be ready for the challenges of tomorrow’s technology, you need the ODiSI-B 5.0 today!

_P1A6582_web New features of the ODiSI-B 5.0:

  • Two Sensing Options – High-Definition and High-Speed CFG*
    • High-Definition offers ultrahigh resolution and a lower priced sensor
    • High-Speed CFG offers greater dynamic sensing capability
  • Robust Sensing with Ruggedized Cable and Connectors
    • Industrial grade stand-off cable and connectors are suitable for harsh environments and rough handling
  • Data_visualizationData Visualization with CAD Integration*
    • Analyze ODiSI data files quickly and visually using the new 3D data visualization with CAD integration
  • Strain Sensors with NIST-Traceable Calibration
    • Strain sensors are calibrated to NIST-traceable standards and come with a certificate of conformance

*High-Speed CFG module and 3D data visualization package sold as options


To learn more about the ODiSI-B 5.0 click here.

Users of the current ODiSI-B should contact Luna to discuss upgrade options to the enhanced system. Call 540.961.5190 or request a quote by clicking here 

Click here to view the ODiSI-B 5.0 one-pager.  The data sheet can be downloaded here.  

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