HD-FOS in Action this Week at Space Tech Expo

This week at Space Tech Expo in Pasadena, CA, we are showcasing our industry leading ODiSI 6100 measurement sensor for high-definition fiber optic sensing (HD-FOS).  We are highlighting the unique capabilities of the ODiSI 6100 by demonstrating the real-time acquisition of strain across the entire surface of a carbon fiber composite sample.  The composite sample was instrumented with a Luna HD strain sensor, a polyimide coated optical fiber calibrated for accurate strain measurements.  The 5m long HD fiber optic sensor was attached with epoxy to the interior surface of the composite sample, traversing the entire surface back and forth in order to get a full picture of strain across the entire component.  The surface has some tight curves which would be very difficult or impossible to instrument with traditional foil strain gages.

The screenshot below from the ODiSI 6100 software shows real-time strain from the attached sensor versus length.  The large periodic positive and negative peaks occur on sections of the sensor that are in line with the applied strain, while sections of the sensor running transverse to the applied strain show very low or zero strain.  This plot, taken with the ODiSI configured for a 1.3 mm gage pitch, is literally displaying nearly 4000 unique strain measurements along the length of the sensor.  This resolution can even be increased further by simply reconfiguring the ODiSI for a 0.65 mm gage pitch.

With dense data like this, alternative visualization of the data can be very useful. For example, the following visualization shows the measured strain data mapped to a 3D model of the composite component, indicating the intensity of the strain with color.

While you could have seen all this live and in person in Pasadena this week, there are plenty of other opportunities to see and learn how HD-FOS sensing and the ODiSI can deliver unprecedented resolution and visibility into your designs or processes.  You can learn more about the ODiSI 6100 measurement system here, or contact us to arrange a consultation with one of our engineers and see the ODiSI in action yourself.