ODiSI-B Software Update

  Great news for new and existing ODiSI-B users! Toward the end of 2014, Luna released a major software update for the revolutionary ODiSI-B strain and temperature measurement platform. The ODiSI (Optical Distributed Sensor Interrogator) uses low cost optical fiber to provide high speed, fully distributed strain and temperature measurements. It saves time and costs while adding a new dimension to sensing measurements with its unprecedented spatial resolution. And now testing is even faster and easier with the upgraded features and improvements in the new instrument!


Presents data in a more intuitive way.  Organized with tabbed architecture for ease of use. Enhanced_GUI


Saves users significant time when analyzing data.  It can also integrate with other new features for enhanced data visualization. What is it?

  • Touch to locate is the process of mapping locations along the sensor to points of interest along a test article

How does it work?

  • Records locations by detecting peaks induced by a hot/cold touch to the point of interest along the fiber

Value Add?

  • Potentially huge time savings
  • Added convenience when analyzing data in real time or post processing
  • Integrates with ‘Measurement vs. Time’ and ‘Plot to Picture’ features for enhanced data visualization



View any point or point groups along the sensor vs. time.  Distributed data is now more relatable, easier to understand, and allows for easier comparison. What is it?

  • In a single sensor, Luna’s technology reports 400+ sensing points per meter. This tool allows you to pick any point(s) or segment along the sensor to view as a function of time

How does it work?

  • Select individual sensors or load previously saved points from Touch-to-Locate to add to your plot for real time updates

Value Add?

  • Easier for comparison to currently used single point sensors
  • Smaller data sets to handle
  • Can lead to significant time savings when post processing

Measurement_vs_TimePLOT TO PICTURE

Presents distributed sensor data in a way that is more relatable and visually stimulating.  A bird’s eye view is created that allows users to see hot spots or critical areas on a structure during testing. What is it?

  • Plot strain or temperature data directly onto an image of your test article. Allows for real time strain or temperature visualization to easily locate critical stress areas and hot spots.

How does it work?

  • Step 1: Load a picture of the test article
  • Step 2: Load Touch to Locate segments
  • Step 3: Draw your fiber path
  • Step 4: Watch strain/temperature change on an image of a structure in real time

Value Add?

  • Quickly detect hot spots and high strain areas on your test article that could potentially lead to failure
  • Easier to understand of test data for all levels of users
  • An easy and relatable way to share test data with colleagues or customers

Plot_to_Picture For details on how to upgrade to ODiSI-B v4.0, please contact solutions@lunainc.com.

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